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Rockport Remembers

Thank you to all those who came together yesterday to make our act of remembrance a special one. It was lovely to be able to be back in church again, albeit with restricted numbers present. The service was very poignant and all of those involved felt the solemnity of the occasion. We were very proud of our Upper Juniors in particular, for whom this was their first experience of a remembrance service in church – they behaved impeccably and looked like angels! Well done to our Heads of Junior School, Eva Pringle and Alexander Moody, who both read during the service and to our soloist and duettists, Eva Pringle, Erin Dawson and Emma O’Brien, who gave beautiful renditions which tugged on the heart-strings.

Heads of School, Oli Whiting and Ugonna Ojiako did a fantastic job laying the wreath and then followed up with a very fitting tribute to Old Rockportian, RJM Harrison, who lost his life serving his country towards the end of WW2. The final piece of music was a delightful recorded performance by the Junior Choir, which brought the service to a fitting high point, as they sang, “You raise me up”.


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