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For boys & girls from the age of 2½

Early Years

Early Years at Rockport is a very special place. Boys and girls from the age of 2½ embark on their school journey, beginning in Pre-School (Playgroup then Reception) before following into R1.

Early Years at Rockport follows the Northern Ireland curriculum but has independent status, giving greater flexibility to make decisions, separate from the Education Authority. We also have greater flexibility on admission and academic matters to deliver a bespoke education.

We are proud members of Round Square, a network of schools sharing a commitment to character education and experiential learning built around six themes – the IDEALS – International Understanding, Democracy, Environmental Stewardship, Adventure, Leadership and Service. Even from such a young age our children really embrace these values!

We offer small class sizes (average 8 pupils) and we make the most of our beautiful setting.  Spread over 25+ stunning acres, with access to our own private beach and forest classroom, we spend a lot of time exploring!

From a young age we offer a range of scholarship opportunities in the Arts, P.E. and Academia. There is also an option to apply for Bursary support.

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My daughter can't wait to get in to school everyday and who could blame her! It really is such a special place , in the most wonderful setting. It truly does give your child the very best of opportunities and I feel so blessed that my daughter gets to spend her academic years at this school
Lisa - Early Years Mum

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Convenience for working families

Our school day begins at 08:45 am and finishes at 2pm for Playgroup, Reception and R1. For R2-R4 it's 3pm.

We offer wrap-around care daily from 8am-6pm and this service is well used by our Rockport families.

If you're interested in finding out more about the adventures at Rockport, feel free to contact us. 


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