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Sixth Form at Rockport

ROCKPORT 6TH FORM Rockport School, Northern Ireland


I first arrived at Rockport exactly 7 years ago, having come for an extended taster session after moving from Campbell College. Usually, this migration occurs in the opposite direction as some of my friends have left here for Campbell. However, I am glad to have arrived here in time to join the new Sixth Form department. The 7 years I have spent here have allowed me to truly appreciate Rockport’s unique qualities, to learn everything I have from my time here, not least all the little things from life as a boarder at such a small close-knit school. For example, I remember one night in year 9 in boarding when Mr Reynolds was on duty, I was struggling to change my bed sheets. As he walked past my room, he showed me a nifty way to change sheets fast. I soon adopted this method and coined it the ‘roly-poly method’. So, thank you Mr Reynolds. I could share more anecdotes about how nearly every teacher here has imparted their own little personal piece of wisdom to me but, sadly, there is not enough time.


Rockport has shown me the true virtues of the Round Square IDEALS and I can say that I have plenty of experience of each one. Rockport has built my character and set my sights on goals I never would have thought achievable. I’ve had many dreams as a young boy at Rockport ranging from being a pilot to a therapist, and still remember the moment when Mr Vance coordinated with his son to land an RAF Puma in our back yard. While the pilot dream has been put on the backburner for now, I firmly believe that Rockport influenced my decision to pursue a career in the creative industries, and I hope to make this school proud in the future so I can show my gratitude. I feel humbled and proud to be a Rockportian, and I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to everyone here who has helped mould me into the ambitious young man I am today.


Ethan Harlen

Head Boy 2020/2021