Creating young people who are well equipped for university life and adulthood.

Stand out from the crowd

The Sixth Form experience at Rockport is about exploring a new intellectual landscape and offers girls and boys two years of rich stimulus in the classroom, a wealth of experience and opportunity outside it, and an ideal preparation for life after school. The range of academic disciplines is broad and the curriculum is designed so that every pupil will be able to follow their own interests and to move onto whichever chosen path of Higher Education they wish to follow

Over 17 different A Level subject options

International travel and exchange opportunities

Enrichment opportunities to enhance career prospects


All schools have Sixth Forms but there is no doubt in my mind that Rockport’s is something special, something unique.

I joined Rockport in P7. It was the first ever school to put me and my twin sister Ella in the same class and it was definitely the smallest school I had ever been to, but it’s the only school I’ve ever gone to that has felt like family. I will forever cherish all the experiences and memories that Rockport has given me, the sports tours, ski trips, science trips and RDS to just laughing with my peers and teachers during class.


I want to say that the staff here are exceptional, they aren’t someone that you’d try to hide from if you saw them at the shop but rather someone you’d want to go up and say hi to. The time and support they put into each individual student is applaudable and I honestly have no idea where they get the time from. You usually hear horror stories of students going through an awful time during their GCSEs and A-Levels but my experience was completely different and I owe 100% of that to the encouragement I got from my subject teachers. I would not trade it for anything else. I know that I’ll definitely miss it when I go off to University.


Sometimes I think back on the antics my friends and I got up to, some of which the teachers will probably never know, and I realise that if I were ever to tell these stories out loud it would sound crazy but that’s probably the reason my friends and I all decided to go through with it! I vividly remember skiving class during the summer term of year 12 with my year group and hiding in the main buildings McBride room, just so we could play a game of Uno and escape for one moment from GCSEs that were fast approaching. I can still remember getting the text messages from the year below telling us that all the staff members were out looking for us. Don’t worry we did get in a whole heap of trouble for that but I do look back on it and laugh and playing a game of Uno will now always be something that reminds me Rockport.


Currently I’m at that point in time where I’ve had to say goodbye to some of my friends that are in boarding and all of us are organising end of year barbeques and class parties, and I get so caught up in the excitement of it all that I forget this is the last time I will get to have end of year celebrations at Rockport, and that I actually only have 2 weeks left in this little seaside school that I’ve taken for granted all these years. I would trade anything to turn back the clock and start this journey all over again. So for students wishing their time in school away, don’t. Make the most of every second because you will regret it if you don’t. Mr Vance said to me a couple of days ago (and I'm sure he’s said this in assembly at some point too) that you can take the girl out of Rockport, but you will never take Rockport out of the girl, I’ve never heard anything more true.


Anna Thomson

Head Girl 2020/2021


I first arrived at Rockport exactly 7 years ago, having come for an extended taster session after moving from Campbell College. Usually, this migration occurs in the opposite direction as some of my friends have left here for Campbell.


However, I am glad to have arrived here in time to join the new Sixth Form department. The 7 years I have spent here have allowed me to truly appreciate Rockport’s unique qualities, to learn everything I have from my time here, not least all the little things from life as a boarder at such a small close-knit school. For example, I remember one night in year 9 in boarding when Mr Reynolds was on duty, I was struggling to change my bed sheets. As he walked past my room, he showed me a nifty way to change sheets fast. I soon adopted this method and coined it the ‘roly-poly method’. So, thank you Mr Reynolds. I could share more anecdotes about how nearly every teacher here has imparted their own little personal piece of wisdom to me but, sadly, there is not enough time.


Rockport has shown me the true virtues of the Round Square IDEALS and I can say that I have plenty of experience of each one. Rockport has built my character and set my sights on goals I never would have thought achievable. I’ve had many dreams as a young boy at Rockport ranging from being a pilot to a therapist, and still remember the moment when Mr Vance coordinated with his son to land an RAF Puma in our back yard. While the pilot dream has been put on the backburner for now, I firmly believe that Rockport influenced my decision to pursue a career in the creative industries, and I hope to make this school proud in the future so I can show my gratitude.


I feel humbled and proud to be a Rockportian, and I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to everyone here who has helped mould me into the ambitious young man I am today.


Ethan Harlen

Head Boy 2020/2021