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Rockport Golf Scholarship Star – Molly O’Hara

There was much excitement this morning as we gathered to witness Molly O’Hara (R14), sign her agreement with South Dakota State University.

Molly, who has been playing golf from the age of 8 and is a member of our Rockport Golf Academy Elite Squad, will complete her A Levels and travel to USA in August to take up the prestigious scholarship.

Molly has been on Ulster panels leading to Junior Caps for Ulster and Ireland and Senior Caps for Ulster, and this achievement is testament to Molly’s hard work, dedication and commitment to the sport.

Headmaster, Mr George Vance, said; “This is a truly magnificent achievement by Molly. A US golf scholarship is such an attractive option for talented student-athletes worldwide and competition for places is therefore incredibly high. Indeed, it is becoming ever more competitive year on year, given that the US college golf system produces the majority of golfers on the LPGA Tour. Molly’s strong golf and academic credentials, as well her sheer determination to succeed, have contributed to this success. Great stuff.”

We wish Molly all the best and look forward to following her future progress and success in the next stage of her exciting golf journey.


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