It's always nice to hear we're doing a good job. 

The following testimonies are from parents, past and present, as well as Old Rockportians and friends. 

We really are over the moon with the progress Luca is making. It was a big step to change school at the end of P4 and we are amazed and delighted at just how well he has settled in, and so quickly. There is a fantastic culture at the school and Luca has been made to feel extremely welcome, both by his teachers and his class mates. The smaller class sizes are ideal and the children are all very kind and supportive of each other. 


The school is such a fantastic environment too - Luca loves running around the grounds and he is really enjoying taking part in all the sporting activities - something we didn’t think we would see. We are so impressed with the range of subjects at R5 such as science, art, music, french and drama . So many of these have really captured his interest and add to the sound grounding in English and Maths he is receiving. We have seen Luca grow in confidence, both academically and  socially, even in this short time. He really does love Rockport - the lessons, the teachers, the environment and the many friends he has made there already.

We couldn’t recommend the school highly enough! 

Parents of Luca, R5


My daughter can't wait to get in to school everyday and who could blame her! It really is such a special place , in the most wonderful setting. It truly does give your child the very best of opportunities and I feel so blessed that my daughter gets to spend her academic years at this school

Mum of Myla, Early Years

My two kids we there for 4 years before we moved back to the USA.  They still talk about moving back (3 years later).  They loved it and flourished.  It was a fantastic experience!

Sarah Nye Pick

It's a professional, open, friendly and very kids oriented school. Great after school activities and the whole unit is ran professionally from the master down. The best money I have ever spent.

Dad of Patrick & Stephen R6

Best school I ever went to! Best school years!

Lynne Moore, Old Rockportian